About This Thing of Ours

Bullet Holes

How We Got "Made"

Goodfellas Guns was the result of years in the tactical training industry and the desire to offer our customers more. We found many customers to want to receive training from Instructors and then immediately purchase firearms based on their experience and comfort. Goodfellas Guns allows us to provide that service.

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Why Goodfellas Guns?

The Owner and Staff have years of experience in the tactical industry. From military and law enforcement backgrounds, to responsible citizens who have a passion for educating and protecting, the Staff of Goodfellas Guns provides all the knowledge you need to make the best firearm choice without the ego found so often in this industry. ...and we have mob ties.


"Nic was awesome to work with. After years of training with him and his Staff, I'm so happy I'm finally able to purchase the firearms and other protection products I need from someone I've known for years can trust. - Lisa H.


“You think you can get a better price from another firearms dealer? Fuggeddaboutit!” - Vinny L.


“Goodfellas Guns is awesome. The Staff knows so much about firearms and self-protection, and they don't have the intimidating demeanor I've found in other gun stores. Goodfellas Guns will be my "go to" from now on.” Amber W.